As reported on all of the local TV news on December 11, 2020, Oracle, the world’s second largest software company is moving their Redwood City California HQ to Austin.  Wow! What a win for Austin, and for you and me as we own Austin area residential real estate and this move will result in more jobs at Oracle and generate more jobs for our area.  And guess what, all of these folks have to live somewhere and that is great news for us!

Currently Oracle has 2,500 employees in Austin.  Oracle didn’t state how many jobs would come with the move but you can bet it will be plenty.

And why the move?  The reasons are always the same for any firm relocating here from California, friendly business environment, lower taxes, a great talent pool and of course barbecue.  I just had to add the barbecue – but it is a plus!

Local economic expert and guru Angelo Angelos stated that Austin will see a decade of unprecedented growth because of this move, and that of Tesla and Apple.  And not to forget about Amazon, Google, and Facebook that have recently expanded their Austin operations.

The prediction in 2018 by Oracle that their present campus will grow to 10,000 employees may be coming true.  After all they do have a 560,000 square foot campus here and somebody has to fill it.

Merry Christmas to Austin and to each of you!