Annual Surveys and Property Reports

At Austin Landmark Property Services, we’re invested in protecting your investment.


You hire us to lease, manage, and maintain your home. It’s our job to make sure the property is occupied by a great tenant, rent is coming in on time, and routine and emergency maintenance issues are responded to with urgency and professionalism.


We care about your property and we’re committed to protecting its condition. That’s why we recommend an annual survey that allows us to check every system and function. It’s the best we can do to bring preventative maintenance to your rental home.

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We make it easy to opt into this program. If you’re already signed up, congratulations – there’s nothing more you need to do. If you’re ready to participate, you simply have to click the button below and get all the information you need on pricing and performance. Keep in mind the cost will depend on the size of your property, specifically the number of bedrooms.

Protect Your Austin Investment with an Annual Property Survey

Many of the owners and investors we work with have taken advantage of this program for as long as we’ve provided it (more than a decade!). They understand that this survey not only provides them peace of mind, it also protects the value and condition of their largest assets. This can be a helpful way to detect unreported or deferred maintenance. It can provide you with an idea for when capital improvements may be necessary.

There are major benefits to this program, including:


Plan for large and small maintenance expenses ahead of time.

Better tenant retention – residents want to live in well-maintained homes.

Updates on the performance and condition of your investment – with a detailed report.


Avoid expensive surprise repairs and emergency maintenance issues.

How to Use Your Annual Property Report

One of the best parts of this program is the detailed survey report you receive when the walk-through is complete. Sometimes, we’ll do the property survey ourselves and sometimes we’ll use one of our trusted third-party vendors. Either way, you can count on:

Detailed rental property photographs.

Recommended maintenance needed now.

Timelines for future maintenance that may be needed.

Assurance that your tenant is performing the way we expect.


Remember, this survey is provided by your Austin property management team, and it should not be confused with a formal inspection. We will carefully evaluate your property’s appliances and mechanical equipment. We will talk to your residents about any problems they may have noticed.

However, we’re not licensed building inspectors. The purpose of this program is to check on the property condition, schedule any needed repairs, and talk about any future needs for your investment property. It’s more cost-effective than a formal legal inspection, and it achieves the results you need. We will review the survey with you, and talk about any actions we think are necessary right now.

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