According to a recent article in the Austin American Statesman, Elon Musk is moving the Palo Alto, California headquarters to Austin, Texas.  No location has been named but Musk has about 2,000 acres in southeast Austin for his electric truck manufacturing plant, and the best guess is that is going to be the site for their HQ.

The article quoted Gary Farmer, chairman of Opportunity Austin (the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce’s regional economic development initiative). Farmer said the jobs the Tesla headquarters will create will likely include a wide array of employment opportunities.  He said being the home of Tesla’s headquarters is likely to fuel increased investment in Austin, both from Tesla and from other companies and entrepreneurs hoping to tap into the considerable “sphere of influence” commanded by Musk…”

Ed Latson, who is the director of the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association was quoted as saying that the announcement was great news.  He stated that moving the headquarters to Austin will confirm Austin as the center of innovation for electric vehicles for decades