As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, Cedar Park, a hamlet just north of Austin, will be getting 682 jobs created by Firefly Aerospace.  The company builds rockets and launch services for trips to the moon. The average salary for these new hires is in the range of $90K a year. These new hires are in addition to the already 164 employees that Firefly Aerospace has in Cedar Park. To house all of these folks the company is planning on spending $10M on a building.
Firefly Aerospace started out in Hawthorne California and has decided to move their operations to our area. The reasons, although not stated in the article, are bound to be the same as for other California firms that have done likewise: lower cost of living, affordable land to build your plant or favorable rents (when compared to California), a talented work pool, and a Texas “Can Do” frame of mind.
All these folks need to live somewhere and many choose to rent vs. buy. A well positioned residential rental may be the right investment choice for you. Call one of our licensed agents to learn how real estate investment may work for you. You will be glad that you did.