Today, I have some advice for landlords who are frustrated because their Austin property management company isn’t calling them back. Communication is important, and you hire a property manager so you know what’s going on with your property. Having a professional manager means you can do other things with your life and not worry about your property. You want someone who can handle everything under the umbrella of your home. You rely on that person, and if you have a question or something comes up, you want them to help you. If you’re wondering why your property manager isn’t calling you back, it could be due to timing or the structure of their operations.

Timing of Phone Calls

When are you calling your property manager? If it’s the first of the month, you’re calling at an exceptionally busy time. We manage 500 properties and collect three-quarters of a million dollars in rent. There are also leases ending and properties turning over at the beginning of the month. So, property managers are generally very busy and in the field. Calling on the first of the month could result in you waiting longer to get a call back.

Structural Issues and Communication

Here at Austin Landmark, we have a portfolio management system which means each property manager working for us manages a book of rentals. They are accountable to the landlords and tenants for anything going on at those properties. This helps us return phone calls faster. Each manager has a smaller portfolio that they can handle in terms of correspondence. We also have a runner or a mobile service so that when there’s something that needs to be checked or taken care of quickly, we’ll send the runner so the property manager can be available to call owners back. We want to answer questions proactively and give you the information you need. That doesn’t just apply to you, but to your tenants as well.

What to Expect from Property Managers

The ability to respond immediately with email has spoiled us a little in terms of expectations. An instant call back is what we want to do, and if we can’t do it right away, we’ll respond within one business day. If we can’t get back to you that fast, we will find a way to let you know we received your message, we will act on it, and we will respond. Everyone is busy – we get that. And we’ll work hard for you and get you the information you need.

If you have any questions about our services or your Austin property manager isn’t calling you back, contact us at Austin Landmark Property Services. We’d be happy to show you better communication.