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Temple Property Management for Peace of Mind

If your investment property is in the zip code of 76501 to 76502 or, 76508, then you deserve more time to do the things you love.

Say Goodbye To Worries And Hello To Profits

Without Austin Landmark to provide you with Temple property management services, you’ll have to spend a lot more time and energy on caring for your hard-earned investment. Without us, you could also lose money through mistakes, late fees, or even lawsuits.

With ALPS providing you with a full range of property management services, you can relax while we do all the work. We’ll market your vacant property, provide secure leases, manage your tenants, and maintain your investment home.

Your Temple Property Manager Will Personally Take Care of Your Investment

At ALPS, we believe that good communication is the key to any good relationship. That’s why when you sign up with us, you’ll have one point of contact for all your needs: your property manager in Temple, Texas.

We won’t be passing you around from person to person, you won’t be talking to random strangers who don’t know the details of your property. Your Temple property manager will care for your rental home, protecting you from losses, and providing you with profit.

The Peace of Mind of Having a Protected Investment Property in Temple, Texas

We Do Thorough Tenant Screenings

Instead of relying on other companies to check out potential tenants, we do it in-house. We check their credit, income/employment, rental history, and criminal background.

We have the strongest residential lease

We have added further protections to ensure that you and your property are protected from future issues and risks. We also provide a resident’s handbook and disaster preparedness guide to tenants as a part of the lease.

We Respond To Emergencies 24/7

Our emergency contact line is available 24/7 to both tenants and owners. Our team will come to your Temple property and take care of the necessary repairs.

Get Peace of Mind in 3 Easy Steps

Call us Today

We’ll have a pleasant conversation to figure out how we can meet your needs. During this call, we’ll tell you our analysis of your property and your cashflow projection.


We’ll Walk Through Your Rental Property

ALPS will look into every nook and cranny to identify and prioritize the needs of your investment home. If you already have tenants living in the property, we’ll talk to them about their needs too.


We’ll Sign the Contract Together

Once you sign the contract, ALPS will handle everything to do with leasing and managing your rental property in Temple, TX. In the meantime, you can do more of what you love. And, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re caring for your investment 24/7.

Your FAQs, Answered

Why should I get a professional property manager instead of doing it myself?

It may seem like you’re going against common sense by spending money on hiring us instead of continuing to manage your rental. But, you’ll actually save money and earn more when you hire Austin Property Landmark Services.

We have minimal property management fees compared to what we do to increase your rental income, protect you from expensive lawsuits, and increase your long-term return on investment.

What does the owner portal do?

As our client, you can get any information you need about your property at any time. You can also print out tax information, check the expenses on your latest statement, and read our monthly newsletter!

What if I sign a Lease-Only Contract?

One of the ALPS property managers in Temple, Texas will evaluate your rental and make some suggestions.

We’ll advise you about all the relevant property code requirements. And, we will advertise, screen tenants, and execute contracts.Once your property is tenanted, you’ll be in charge of managing everything else.

Can you help me buy or sell my property in Temple?

Yes! As licensed realtors in Texas, the ALPS team can help you diversify your portfolio. As a current client, we’ll give you a free consultation. If you need something that goes beyond our scope, we’ll refer you to our friendly experts in the industry.

What charges will my tenants get?

At Austin Landmark Property Services, we pride ourselves on having a transparent and easily understandable fee structure.

We won’t charge your tenants recurring admin fees or make them buy something that they don’t need or want. The contract rent is the price the tenant pays monthly, with nothing else added.

What is a CRMC?

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (or NARPM for short) is the organization that real estate professionals belong to when we manage single-family and multi-residential properties.

They examined ALPS thoroughly and asked our clients and peers for recommendations. We then became the third property management company in the entire USA and the first company in Austin to get a designation called Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC).

Getting a CRMC means that we have the highest levels of education and commitment in our field. We meet the highest standards of professionalism, financial management, and ethics.

Temple, A Big City with Small Town Atmosphere

In 1881, a railroad town was founded in Central Texas and named after Bernard Moore Temple, a civil engineer and surveyor. Today, Temple has a population of more than 78,000 and is the second-largest city in Bell County. Many of its residents work in goods distribution, the medical community, and the factory that makes Dr. Pepper.

When they aren’t working, the residents of Temple enjoy the conveniences of a big city and the atmosphere of a small town. They can also travel to and from Texas’ major cities like Dallas and Houston quite easily.

Peace of Mind Sounds Like This:

We take away the headaches that come from managing your own property.

4.8 /5
167 Reviews

Mar 21, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Michael
Very easy process!
Jan 27, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc The
I've been with ALPS for 5 years now. Always had a quick response and turnaround with any maintenance issues. I can't think of one complaint.
Jan 18, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Angel
They were very helpful from start to end. With me coming from another ciity 1hr away and trying to pack and work, they were exactly what we needed. Would STRONGLY RECOMMEND
Dec 20, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Alice
My experience here has been Great. My family and I have been here for 2 years, and had any problems with problem related issues.
Dec 17, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Peter
Wonderful service! Any problems that I've had have been address right away...thank you Marc Witmer!
Nov 30, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Karen
I have been renting since last may. I have nothing to complain about. I had one issue a couple of months ago. Was taken care of quickly. I just really hope my rent doesn't go up at the end of my lease.
Oct 21, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc The
Austin landmark property was able to adjust during the beginning of covid to help get me into a rental house. Not only has the rent been affordable, but they made great accommodations to please my needs. Anytime there’s an issue where something needs to be replaced or repaired, they make sure to do it in a Timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone!
Aug 17, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Sarah
ALPS was great to work with for move in. the application and move in was simply and the staff was responsive with questions and accommodations.
Jun 1, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Steven
They are lovely people but their contractors that I submitted a work order to fix my door did a lousy job lol. I ended up fixing the problem myself.
Jun 1, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Lisa
I am so pleased with Austin Landmark Property Services. Everyone is professional, caring, responsive, and very pleasant. I will continue to be a patron and will recommend this business to everyone in their service area.
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