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Looking for a property management company that delivers the best tenant screening services? That’s what we offer.

We provide expert tenant screening services for your rental property in Pflugerville. Our services are driven by your requirements and our goal to help you find the right tenant. We know the importance of placing a good tenant in your property, and we take all the necessary steps, from screening the tenant rigorously to creating and finalizing a comprehensive lease agreement.

Our experienced professionals ensure that every tenant application we get is reviewed carefully. We also have legally compliant screening and rental criteria which follows federal, state, and local fair housing, credit, and discrimination laws.

Unlike other companies in Pflugerville that hand over screening and background checks to third parties, we oversee this process until you find the right tenant.

Quality Tenant Placements For Your Rental

We know the importance of placing the right tenants in your home, and we fulfill this task with responsibility and accountability. We screen tenants for all our owner clients with the same goal – to find a tenant who pays the rent on time and looks after the property like their own.

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Our tenant placement and other property management processes are highly transparent. We discuss the tenant requirements with our landlords and divulge expectations to tenants. 

During tenant screening, we ensure we protect tenants’ right to privacy and stay compliant with all the regulations and standards. Our team of experts knows the laws and ensures that we conduct your tenant placement procedure with your legal protection. We help you find a well-qualified and thoroughly screened tenant per your requirements. 

We also conduct their background check credit check and give them a copy of our privacy policy. Owners can avail of our tenant placement services throughout the Austin area and Central Texas, including Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, and Bell counties.

Complete Tenant Screening Guarantee

Austin Landmark ensures that your Pflugerville rental gets the right tenant in the long run with our applicant screening processes. We have a team of experienced individuals who undertake the application processing responsibilities. Instead of outsourcing to another company, we leverage our market expertise and experience in dealing with different types of renters in Austin.

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We thoroughly screen potential tenants by implementing a fair and legally compliant process. We conduct nationwide background checks, credit checks, employment and income verification, rental history references, credit score check and more. 

To back up our screening, we offer a tenant guarantee where if the tenants do not fulfill their lease term or get evicted, we replace them without charging a 90% lease fee. In the event of eviction for non-payment of rent, we pay any court costs and present the file to the court at the hearing at no cost to the owner. 


Expert Leasing Services and Solutions

When you work with us, we ensure that a qualified candidate leases your Austin rental property. After we screen and approve your potential tenant, we sign a lease with them. This lease contains important clauses, landlord and tenant responsibilities, and rules. We also ensure that it is legally compliant.

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Our adoption of advanced technologies allows us to work with a digital lease. This makes the lease creation, and signing process more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Using our portals, you and your tenant can digitally access, review, and sign the lease. Once your tenant signs the lease, we promptly begin the following procedures and collect the security deposit. Our team also tracks the date when the lease commences and requires your tenants to pay an upfront amount equal to the rent for the first entire month. We also simplify their rental process and keep it transparent by having them pick up keys from our office.

What People Are Saying About Us

Apr 30, 2024
Google - Rosie - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Austin Landmark Properties are a very efficient company. Service are handled quickly and with great communication. I appreciate them very much. Thank you, Rosie Titus
Mar 28, 2024
Google - VERONICA - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
The property is well cared for and it is a pleasure living here.
Feb 24, 2024
Google - Jackie - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
We have enjoyed working with them and have made our living in a rent home very comfortable and satisfying. Also they have taken care of any issues we have had right away!
Nov 25, 2023
Google - Nathan - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
They've been a great landlord for me thus far - very responsive and fair.
Sep 23, 2023
Google - Verionca - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Everything went well.He did not have the part. but when it came he came out to put it in.
Aug 31, 2023
Google - JR - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Friendly, helpful staff all the way around. Relocating for work is never easy - but they made it much more bearable working my walkthrough around a tight travel schedule.
Aug 25, 2023
Google - Mike - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Maintenance requests are handled quickly and Pam has been great helping to deal with all the things that come up when renting a house. Much appreciated.
Aug 22, 2023
Google - Jennifer - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Wonderful company great brokers and Realtors thank you guys for the opportunity to live in one of your properties
Jul 13, 2023
Google - Amy - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Things moved quickly and communication was so easy. Look forward to being a happy renter with Landmark Properties.
Jun 29, 2023
Google - Zach - Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc
Renting from ALPS has been a very pleasant experience. They’ve been helpful and timely with maintenance situations. Overall I would say they provide a reliable service with good customer relations.
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