Two recent articles in our local paper, the Austin American Statesman, reports that Markaaz, a technology company, has moved their HQ from Los Angeles to our fair city bringing with them 150 jobs.  Their firm makes a platform for small businesses to connect with each other and with suppliers.  One of the main reasons for the move from the Golden State to “Silicon Hills” is that Austin aligns itself with their core values.  Those values include caring about the companies’ impact on the environment, society, and the world.

Other technology firms have also moved to Austin, plan to move to Austin, or expanding in Austin.  In December, 2020, Oracle announced that it is relocating from Silicon Valley to Silicon Hills.  And in January Digital Realty, a company that owns and operates data centers, reported that they will be moving from San Francisco to Austin.

This week Allegiant Airlines stated that they are investing $75M in an operations center and adding 90 new jobs.

I was raised in San Jose, California and was fortunate to have purchased real estate in the Golden State in the mid 70’s. which turned out to be a smart move and a good investment.  I have to admit it was more luck than brains, but it taught me that money could be made in real estate.  Fast forward and move to Austin to do more of the same.  It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t easy.  But times have changed and now is a great time to follow the Big Boys, many of which are moving from California to Austin (sound familiar?).

The saying goes “Follow the Money” and that money is moving to Austin.

Now is a great time to consider buying Austin area residential rentals.  Give one of licensed real estate professionals a call to see they can match your needs with a well placed Austin area rental property.  You will be glad that you made the call.