There are many different ways to manage the application process. If you ever look for a house on Craigslist, you’ll see there are a lot of different landlords with a lot of different styles. Some just want to run a credit report on Credit Karma, and others have more involved tests. Today, we’re talking about how we do it and what everyone needs to do. Everyone needs to adhere to fair housing laws. It’s also a good idea to make your written rental criteria available to each potential applicant. There are a few specific things we do at Austin Landmark.

Make Your Written Rental Criteria Available

Our written criteria can be found on our website. Anyone can go to our website and view what our credit, residency, and income requirements are. It’s all right there. Every applicant over 18 years of age must apply and go through the formal screening process. That includes an application fee and a credit check. This includes breadwinners and non-breadwinners as well as children who are living at the home who are over 18. We want to get an idea of who they are, so we run credit and criminal on everyone.

How Should You Process Applications?

We process applications on a first come, first served basis in most cases. That means the first applicant who applies to the property is the first applicant we will engage with. We’ll hold other applications while we finish processing the first one. In most cases, those people will be approved. They have already looked at our site and self-qualified. Most people who apply do get approved. When you apply, you don’t have to pay the security deposit with the application. It is required immediately after your application is approved.

Are You Considering Fair Housing?

Fair housing is important to us. We make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities, and we allow service animals. People with support animals who have the proper documentation are allowed. We are aware of the rules, and we welcome all applicants to our properties.

If you have any questions about the rental application process or property management in Austin, please contact us at Austin Landmark Property Services.