There is more good news from our local paper this week on the robust Austin economy.  Texas grocer HEB is planning a huge expansion of their presence by expanding some of their existing stores and adding others.  They will be investing $200 million dollars and the expansion will add 1,000 more jobs.  Their concentration for now is south Austin.  I can relate to their vision.  On a recent trip to “south side” I was amazed at the number of subdivisions and apartments that I saw.  A spokesperson for HEB stated that the expansion was driven by Austin’s growth and that they wanted to “invest aggressively”.  The spokesperson stated that they will also be looking at all parts of the city for additional opportunities.

It seems to me that HEB is taking the guess work out of investing in Austin area residential rentals.  The big boys have done their homework for us including Apple, Facebook and Google, all of which have made huge investments in our area.