Your Austin property management company should be able to offer you a guarantee that the services they promise will be the services they provide. At Austin Landmark Property Services, we are very proud of our guarantees. Today, we’re talking about our two main guarantees:

Austin Property Management: Tenant Guarantee

Our tenant guarantee really provides some confidence to our landlords. Per our property management agreement, we have the authority to screen your tenants, approve your tenants, and place them in your home. It is a set and done deal once we do that.

That’s a lot of trust we’re asking. So, we like to put some faith behind that trust. For all of the tenants that we place and screen, we offer a tenant guarantee. If they break their lease, we will replace them without charging our standard leasing fees. This goes for all of our new tenants. This even applies for some of our tenants where we may have made an exception, like requiring a higher deposit if there was an issue with their credit. If we are willing to approve an applicant even with an additional security deposit, we will still guarantee them.

There are some circumstances where we will not guarantee the tenant. For example, we cannot guarantee tenants in homes that we don’t manage. If you chose to hire us for leasing services only, you aren’t entitled to our tenant guarantee. That’s because there is too much left outside of our control. In those circumstances we do not know how they are getting treated or how the lease is enforced once we are no longer involved. We only guarantee the tenants in homes we manage.

Also, if a landlord has instructed us to approve somebody that we would not normally approve, we cannot provide a leasing guarantee. Maybe the applicant has really terrible credit or there were multiple issues with the application, yet the landlord still asked us to approve the tenant. Then, we may indeed approve that tenant, but they will not come with the guarantee.

If we approve an applicant through our procedures and policies then we will guarantee them.

There are some rules that come into play here. For example, if a tenant breaks their lease due to military orders or other circumstances where the landlord is legally required to end the lease, then we would not give that tenant guarantee. Other circumstances might be if the landlord and the tenant mutually agree to end the lease, we will not provide our guarantee. This guarantee does not apply to a normal move-out after a lease renewal but definitely for the initial lease itself.

Austin Property Management: Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee - thumbs upThis is a very simple guarantee with no rules.

It says that every new client with us can quit or terminate management with us anytime within the first 12 months with no questions asked and no termination fees. People interview us and make the best decisions they can moving forward, but sometimes things just do not work out. We understand that, so if you need to terminate within the first 12 months for any reason – there is no problem. Just let us know. We might do an exit survey to find out some of the details but we won’t leave you in a lurch, and there won’t be any termination fees.

These are our guarantees. If you have any questions about Austin property management or you’d like to hear more about the services we provide, please contact us at Austin Landmark Property Services.