A recent article in the Austin American Statesman had some pretty good news for the Austin area.  Dan Ives, a tech industry analyst stated in the article that Austin is poised to become Silicon Valley 2.0.  I guess he hasn’t heard that we are commonly referred to as “Silicon Hills”!

This is because there is an abundance of engineering talent here which has brought in many companies, both large and small.  Nothing breeds success like success itself.  It hasn’t hurt that Elon Musk has relocated Tesla here and has other business interests here such as the Boring Company and Neualink with some of his Space X operations as well.

According to Ives, many firms are considering Austin as a second hub or for expansion of their operations in other states, most notably California.  And Art Zeile, CEO of “DICE”, a company that tracks tech information, stated that tech companies like Austin because people can make good money working on high end projects without giving up quality life.  In fact, he stated in the article that Austin was the “Sweet Spot”.

Well heck, we all knew that!

Just more reasons to add quality residential rentals to your overall investing plan for 2023.