Property management is a real estate niche, just like lakefront property is a niche and luxury homes are a niche. I don’t spend my time trying to sell farms and ranches or oil leases or $10 million lakefront properties. I want to stay in my niche, which is property management. All of us at Austin Landmark are licensed Realtors, and most of us are landlords ourselves. We can buy and sell any real estate in Texas. Our specialty, however, is property management. We’re not trying to hustle sales. We come to the office every day working for you.

What is Expert Property Management?

First, let’s talk about what professional property management is not. We are not focused on sales. We can do them and help you, but it’s not our specialty. If you are hunting for an investment we can refer you to a sales agent or partner with your agent to make sure you’re making good choices and getting a good idea of what your cash flow might be.

Property Management Experts

Property professionals like us know the management side of real estate inside and out. We have many years of experience. Our website’s team page will show you that our team has decades of experience. Even our staff members who are not licensed have been here for years and know our business very well. So the combined experience provides limitless information. It allows us to brainstorm solutions and improve how we serve you. An expert property manager is not new. We have lots of experience.

You can measure unit years of experience. Here’s some quick math. If a professional manages one property for one year, that’s one unit year of experience. To be close to the level of an expert, property professionals need about 500 unit years. That’s a hundred properties for five years. At that point, a manager has had enough experience and dealt with tough situations. Actions become instinctual and intuitive, and there’s no wondering what to do when a problem comes up or a process is done incorrectly.

Professional Property Management Associations

Property experts belong to associations. In Texas, you have to be a Realtor, so expert property managers will be members of the Realtor Association. Smart property experts are also part of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). All of our property managers have designations from that association. We’re also proud that our company is a Certified Residential Management company. We have been audited and gone through rigorous requirements to earn that designation and stay within the top 1 percent of residential property management companies in the U.S. We were the first in Austin to be certified.

Benefits to Property Owners

How does this benefit you? Experts are not learning off your experience. We have learned how to do it and how not to do it. Our processes work, and we have consistency. This reduces liability. If there’s a tenant problem, we have a process that follows reason, not emotion. Our experience benefits you, and that’s why we’re here – to manage for your success.

If you have any questions about professional property management in Austin, TX, please contact us at Austin Landmark Property Services.