As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, quoting the US Census Bureau, the Austin area, which includes 4 counties closest to Austin with at least a million people, continues to grow rapidly eight years in a row. The Austin-Round Rock metro area gained over 53,000 souls last year for an average gain over 147 people per day. Williamson County grew by 3.9% and Hays County grew by 3.8%, while Travis County grew 1.7%.

Austin demographer Ryan Robinson stated that between 2011 and 2016 (what ever happened to 2017 and 2018?) Austin saw a boom over other major metropolitan cities because of its vibrant economy and availability of jobs.
Reasons given by the new arrivals to our booming area are good jobs, lower cost of living, and good quality of life. These reasons come up a lot and for “good reason”, they are absolutely true! In fact they are the same reasons why I decided to immigrate to Austin in 1981. I knew it in my bones that the Austin area was going to take off much as it did in my hometown of San Jose, California.

Now I sometimes lament the “good old days” when Austin life was much slower. This is when you could go downtown and park on Congress Avenue for 25 cents and hop into Woolworths for a soda, or go to Barton Creek and park for free and jump into the cold waters. But you can’t stop progress; you can only live with it and that is a great reason to own Austin area residential real estate.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 21 May 19