As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, CellLink, a firm that makes circuits used in electric vehicles (think Tesla that just started rolling out vehicles this year in Austin) is breaking ground for their $130M manufacturing plant in Georgetown.  Georgetown is located between Austin and Taylor – the site for the new Samsung chip plant.  CellLink will employ as many as 2,000 workers.

Kevin Coakley, CEO of CellLink stated that the Georgetown plant will provide the means for their company to continue growing.  He stated that the area reminded him of San Francisco but with a stronger bent for advanced manufacturing.

One doesn’t have to read too many tea leaves to see what is going on in the Austin area.  Companies large and small are locating here or expanding their operations in our area.  It’s been said that for every job created, another 3 come along.  If that adage holds true Austin and the surrounding areas will continue to see tremendous growth and wealth.

Now is a great time to take advantage of this broiling process and own a residential rental.  Yes, prices for houses are increasing but so are rents.  Interest rates are predicted to increase in the near future – so what – all you are doing is renting the money while the tenant assists in making the mortgage payment.  I moved to Austin the interest rate on a typical mortgage was a whopping 13 ½%!  I made my investments and then refinanced when rates fell.

Another adage: “If you snooze you lose!”.