With so much gloomy news we’re happy to repeat some good news for our local area as provided by our local paper the Austin American Statesman as posted in a recent article.

Austin is Apple’s largest hub outside of its Cupertino, California headquarters, and the new campus will cement the status.  For those of you who might not be familiar with Bay Area geography, Cupertino is a hamlet west of San Jose and south of Palo Alto.

Apple’s Austin workforce swelled by about 11%, to 6,754 from 6,089 at the end of 2018.  Those employment figures don’t include any hiring yet at Apple’s planned new campus less than 1 mile away on Parmer Lane in Williamson County, which is still under construction. That facility is expected to employ up to 5,000 people initially when finished in 2022, and up to 15,000 over time.  You know a lot of cities in Texas can’t boast having a population of 15,000!  So this is huge and is great news for us investors of residential rentals in the area, and frankly anywhere in the local area as there will be a lot of support and spinoff business which in turn adds to additional jobs.  Unfortunately, the down side is that this growth also adds to our traffic, but that’s the flip side of the coin.

As this year starts to come to an end take a moment to reflect on your investments and consider how the growth of Austin’s Apple could also be your “Golden Apple”.  To learn more about how a well placed residential rental can benefit you contact one of our licensed real estate professionals.