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Protecting Your Assets With Regular Walkthrough Inspections

At Austin Landmark Property Services, we understand the role of regular walkthroughs in maintaining real estate and boosting its market value over time.


Regular Assessment

We plan rental walkthroughs after assessing your tenants. If your tenants show negligence in taking proper care of your Austin rental unit, we increase the number of walkthrough inspections to ensure that your property stays in good shape. Our team also considers several factors like property condition, age, and the number of leases while planning property assessment.


Annual Walkthrough

We find quality tenants for your Austin rental property who treat your rental property respectfully and add to its longevity. To see if your tenant is following all their obligations, we conduct a detailed inspection once a year. In Texas, only licensed inspectors can carry out routine inspections. Hence, we make it a point to conduct complete annual walkthroughs.

Get Rid Of Deferred Maintenance And Property Damage With Us

We conduct both interior and exterior evaluations of your property to ensure the continued habitability and safety of your tenants. We also look for unauthorized pets and roommates to document any modifications made to your rental without your permission.


Move-In Inspection

We videotape your Austin rental property before residents move into it. Our professionals check every corner and detail, including drainage and plumbing, to record the condition prior to your tenant’s move-in.

Move-Out Inspection

In move-out inspections, we check the HVAC system, smoke detector, window, and door locks, and unreported leaks and water problems to see if your tenants left any potential damage while moving out.

Exterior Inspection

We closely inspect the outside of your property to see whether there are no significant alterations. We also take photos of the exterior to share with you and keep your residents accountable and alert.

What Makes Our Inspection Process Stand Out?

Our walkthrough process is easy and affordable. We use the help of our in-network vendors and experienced inspectors to assess your property ‌and prevent potential damage.

Detailed Documentation

We take photos of your rental unit during walkthroughs to share as proof.


100% Legal Compliance

We protect your rental unit against illegal activities, bad tenants, and lease violations while complying with the law.


Accountable Report

We team up with third-party vendors who can ensure subjective and professional reporting during inspections.

Improving Property Condition And Value

Putting together routine walkthrough inspections is important to boost the longevity of your property and increase its market value and performance. The result? Maximum returns on your investment.

Rating Star

I am so pleased with Austin Landmark Property Services. Everyone is professional, caring, responsive, and very pleasant. I will continue to be a patron and will recommend this business to everyone in their service area. –Lisa E.

Rating Star

The ALPS team has managed my two properties for just over ten years and they’ve done a marvelous job. They are friendly and easy to work with, deal promptly with any issues that arise, are always on top of things, get my properties re-rented quickly whenever there’s a vacancy, and provide accurate and timely paperwork. Because I don’t live in Texas where my properties are located, I trust ALPS to take care of literally everything–and they do. I couldn’t be happier. –Dianne T.

Rating Star

We work with property management companies across the nations, and I have worked with ALPS  for almost a decade.  It’s a pleasure to work with Mike Ebert’s team because their business operates on super-efficient systems and processes.  This makes it easy on their vendors – keeping our costs down – thereby reducing maintenance costs for ALPS’ homeowners.  We highly recommend them to tenants and owners. –Fred T.

What People Are Saying About Us

4.8 /5
173 Reviews

Nov 26, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc The
I've been with ALPS for 5 years now. Always had a quick response and turnaround with any maintenance issues. I can't think of one complaint.
Nov 26, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Helene
Prompt service. Very satisfied.
Nov 22, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Kimberly
We have been renting our house with Austin Landmark Property for 5 1/2 years. We love it. Whenever we have had a maintenance problem they have sent someone right out. Very easy to make payments too. All online. I would recommend them highly. 5 stars.
Nov 18, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Karen
I have been renting since last may. I have nothing to complain about. I had one issue a couple of months ago. Was taken care of quickly. I just really hope my rent doesn't go up at the end of my lease.
Sep 21, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Valerie
Clayton Orr is has been absolutely wonderful. He is easy to contact, responds to our emails and texts immediately helping us with any problem or question. Our experience with Austin Landmark Property Services has been a great experience.
Aug 26, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Sandra
I speak very highly of Austin Landmark Property Services. There has not been a sitution yet, that has turned to a problem. And they respond in a timely manner!
Aug 26, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Ron
Very good or I may say Great company been with them for several years. They are fair on rental properties and are always very fast to react if there is a problem. Highly recommend them if you are looking to rent in the Austin area!!! Ron
Aug 18, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Verionca
Everything went well.He did not have the part. but when it came he came out to put it in.
Mar 21, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Michael
Very easy process!
Jan 18, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Angel
They were very helpful from start to end. With me coming from another ciity 1hr away and trying to pack and work, they were exactly what we needed. Would STRONGLY RECOMMEND
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