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Protecting Austin Landlords and Tenants with Strong Lease Agreements

A strong, clear, and legally enforceable lease agreement is good for owners and it’s good for tenants. We’re specific about expectations and responsibilities, and we welcome questions.


Legally Compliant Lease Agreements

We provide a lease agreement written by the Texas Association of Realtors to ensure that the lease is both compliant with state laws and enforceable should we have a dispute with our tenants. Every lease provides tenants with an opportunity to list their questions, and we also include a link to the Resident Handbook and the Resident Emergency Disaster Handbook.


Access to Resident Benefits

As tenants review and sign their lease agreement, they’ll also have information about our Residents Benefits Package. It’s an addendum to our lease agreement and offers tenants savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of their rental home second nature. It’s a reasonable $30 per month and payable with rent on the first of every month.

Austin Lease Agreements

One of the benefits of working with a professional Austin property management company is that you get a lease agreement you can trust. Ours protects you, your tenants, and your property.


Lease Attachments

In addition to the standard requirements of a Texas lease, we include our own sections that govern parking, pets, plumbing, and move-out requirements. There are addenda on mold, wear and tear v. damage, and subleasing.

Community Associations

Our lease also sets forth the requirements and responsibilities of tenants who live in an HOA or community association. This protects you from the penalties that might be due to a tenant’s behavior.

Resident Benefits

After signing the lease agreement, tenants will have the opportunity to sign up for our Residents Benefits Package (RBP), which is a unique set of services and products offered to our residents for a low monthly fee.

Our Leasing Process Works

There isn’t much you have to do during the leasing process. We take care of everything, from discussing the lease terms with the tenant to answering questions and executing the agreement.

Collect the Move-In Funds

When the lease is signed and delivered, we also collect move-in funds to cover the security deposit and first month’s rent.


Execute the Lease Agreement

The tenant signs and initials the lease agreement to indicate that everything is understood and accepted. We sign on your behalf.


Answer Tenant Questions

Tenants are invited to leave write out any questions they have about their responsibilities and requirements as set forth in the lease agreement.

Your Lease Eliminates Confusion and Disputes

Putting together the right lease agreement is important to us because we know that it can be the tool that prevents conflicts and distrust between tenants, owners, and property managers.

Rating Star

I am so pleased with Austin Landmark Property Services. Everyone is professional, caring, responsive, and very pleasant. I will continue to be a patron and will recommend this business to everyone in their service area. –Lisa E.

Rating Star

The ALPS team has managed my two properties for just over ten years and they’ve done a marvelous job. They are friendly and easy to work with, deal promptly with any issues that arise, are always on top of things, get my properties re-rented quickly whenever there’s a vacancy, and provide accurate and timely paperwork. Because I don’t live in Texas where my properties are located, I trust ALPS to take care of literally everything–and they do. I couldn’t be happier. –Dianne T.

Rating Star

We work with property management companies across the nations, and I have worked with ALPS  for almost a decade.  It’s a pleasure to work with Mike Ebert’s team because their business operates on super-efficient systems and processes.  This makes it easy on their vendors – keeping our costs down – thereby reducing maintenance costs for ALPS’ homeowners.  We highly recommend them to tenants and owners. –Fred T.

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