As reported last week in the Austin American Statesman, Chubbies is moving to Austin.  It is almost as common as rising out of bed, another firm is moving to the Austin area from California.  The latest arrival is “Chubbies”.  Well I haven’t of them either but then I don’t fit into their marketing plan.  Chubbies, currently based in San Francisco, sells colorful, baggy short shorts aimed at guys between 15 and 35.  They have some brick and mortar stores but will be concentrating on the on-line sales market (remember ages 15-35).  Chubbies has 70 full time employees and chose to move to Austin from San Francisco, according to co-founder Kyle Hency, so they could pay their employees fairly and where their employees could build families, buy a home and not have a long commute.  We will see about that last statement as Austin traffic is some of the worst in the nation. Hency also stated that Austin lifestyle is a better fit for the Chubbies brand.