Amazing Magnets, presently located in Anaheim California, is moving to Round Rock as announced in the Austin American Statesman this week.  The 19 year old firm will initially have 25 employees and will employ 50 employees by the end of 2022.  The reason for the move is what we hear all the time from California based firms.  Texas, and our Austin – Round Rock area in particular, is a great place to do business.  Land is relatively inexpensive when compared to California, the cost of living here is “very” reasonable when compared to the Golden State, and we have a highly educated talent pool.  And the income tax rate in California for most folks will be between 6% to 9% compared to “ZERO” om the Lone Star state.

Round Rock mayor Craig Morgan was quoted as saying that Dell put Round Rock on the map but they welcome firms to put their headquarters there as it gives Round Rock citizens employment opportunities.

The 40,000 square foot headquarters will be at 1992 Steam Way.