As announced in a recent article in the Austin American Statesman, Zoho, an international software firm based in Pleasanton California (just to the east of San Jose) is relocating their headquarters to Austin.  The firm will occupy a 375 acre campus in southeast Austin, about 5 miles east of the airport, and will employ about 500 people.  To me that seems like a big footprint for 500 people.  The firm already has 60 employees in Austin and they will transfer to the new location.  The jobs will be in customer service and technology.  No salary range was given by Zoho but these are usually well paying jobs.

Zoho develops business software to handle email, analytics, IT support, and accounting and has 7,000 employees in 12 worldwide locations.  They service about 300,000 customers including big hitters such as Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix.

When looking for a place to relocate Zoho was looking for a place with a lot of talent, friendly business environment, and good quality of life for their employees and lower overall operating expenses than what can be found in California.

So we will welcome Zoho and their hires to Austin and wish they would leave their cars in California!

The ripple effect of having so many business relocations and expansions to the Austin area is tremendous.  And this is why it is a great time to consider adding to your residential real estate investments here.  Growth = profit.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 11 April 19