ALPS Staff Attends Active Shooter Lecture

In these days of shooting taking place everywhere, including places of work, one must take all the necessary steps to protect themselves from violence, including shootings.  At least week’s monthly luncheon of the Austin chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) a police officer with the Austin Police Department gave a 1 ½ lecture on steps to take if you should find yourself in a situation with an active shooter.  The entire ALPS staff attended the seminar.  The information provided is useful in all phases of our daily lives, including our time spent at the office.  Because of information obtained from this seminar steps have been taken to make our already secure office a safer work environment for staff, clients, and customers.

One of things that has stayed with me from the lecture is that when in an active shooter situation you have to take care of yourself and not try to assist others.  The rationale being that the person needing assistance is only going to slow you down too and now the gunman has two targets vs. one target.  I have to say it goes against my grain and I don’t know if I could just abandon anyone who needs help.

I pray that I am never put to the test.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 27 August 18