As recently seen on a local television station, the city of Kyle, which is just south of Austin, will be the happy recipient of 850 new jobs. Smile Direct Club, which is an online business of selling a device that can straighten teeth will have a high tech manufacturing lab located in a 150,000 square foot building located in the Hays Logistics Center which is near Highway 35 and Highway 45. They will be the largest employer in Kyle. The city of Kyle and the state of Texas provided Smile Direct Club with tax incentives with the stipulation that the average wage is over $40,000 a year.

Also announced last week, Denver based Joust is moving its headquarters from Denver to Cedar Park. Joust is an on-line banking service aimed to service contractors and self-employed workers and operates in 50 states. The reason for the move is well known by now; the area has a great start up culture and is loaded with talent, and is a high-tech center. Having just 18 employees may sound small compared to Smile Direct Club, and it is, however Joust just raised $2,6 million dollars to expand their services.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 14 Oct 19