Indeed is a home grown internet job search site that recently announced that they are expanding their operations over several years because of their success.  Indeed collects job postings from all over the world and posts them on the net, posts job resumes, and research companies.  They have over 200 “million” folks use their site every month.  According to the article in the Austin American Statesman Indeed currently have 1,600 employees and is an active recruiter of engineering talent but also has staff in the fields of finance, legal, sales and marketing, and in corporate development.  New hires will be sought in all of these fields and it sounds if the positions will pay handsomely. A spokesperson for Indeed informed the paper that the reason for expanding in Austin is the same reason why they started here in the first place:  diverse talent pool and Austin is an attractive place to live.

Now these new hires, many of whom will be our good friends the millennials, will need a place to live.  Millennials continue to like to be unattached to real estate and will rent vs. buy.  And this is good news for us who are holding Austin area residential real estate.

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 20 May 18