Insurance giant, Progressive Insurance, as reported in the Austin American Statesman, will be bringing 1,000 new jobs here. This is all part of an overall hiring binge by Progressive to add 10,000 new jobs nationwide. So getting 10% of such a large pie is a lot. The new positions will be for indoor sales reps and for claims adjusters. These positions don’t pay nearly as well as tech positions (top pay is $46,000 a year) but they do pay enough to rent a house and that is where we come in into the picture. This good news coupled with the recent news that Apple will be adding 5,000 new jobs, along with the expansions of Amazon, Google, and Facebook in our area, makes it easy to see why having an Austin area residential rental makes sense.

Another headline gleaned from a local TV station this week in a news piece stated that the Austin population will double by 2040.

So to take care of all of these folks housing needs just how many residential rentals should you own? Answer: just one more!

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 25 Jan 20