Announced this week in the Austin American Statesman, Metacloud, a California based firm cloud tech firm is opening an Austin office to tap into the local talent pool. The Pasadene based firm will hire 30 employees including engineers, support, and sales. Pet Supplies Plus, a Michigan based retailer of pet supplies, plans on opening 15 stores in central Texas. The stores will employ up to 20 persons at each location. And lastly coming to us via Las Vegas is a sub shop is Capriotti’s. Lets face it, all these folks coming to the Austin area gotta eat somewhere! They plan on opening 20 shops in the Central Texas area. One of the reasons for the Austin area expansion is the vibrancy of the city.

Okay, so how many rent houses do you want? Doesn’t it make good sense to try to house all of these folks and cash in on the traffic?