As reported in this week’s Recon, The Texas Real Estate Center’s on line news, an investment group plans on building a huge entertainment venue called NL and Surf Park, near Austin International Airport. Heading the investment group is a member of the Coors Brewing Company. The venue will have no fewer than 11 surfing areas ranging in height from 1’ to 6’ in height. The lagoon will be about the size of 9 football fields (about right for Texas). There will be a Tiki Bar (serving Coors beer I’ll bet) where one can whet their whistle, and a concert area that can hold 2,000.

This will be the second large such water park in the area, the first being Hawaiian Falls in Pflugerville about 20 miles away. I guess the new folks that with so many folks moving to our area and traffic being so bad, it makes good sense to have one such event north of town and the other south of town.

Just more good reasons to own Austin area residential rentals.