Unbelivable growth in our area as stated in the Austin American Statesman this week. The Census Bureau reports that in the last 3.5 years that Buda has grown 39%, Manor 26 %, Leander 20.6%, and Cedar Park 18.4% and those were the “small cities” ! At that rate they won’t be small for long. Meanwhile Austin grew 9.2%, Round Rock 9.8% and Pflugerville 11.8%.

Last week I read that the Austin area auto dealers were having a banner year with car sales going out of sight. That fits because so many folks are moving here. They often will leave their old clunker behind (usually in California – thank you) and then buy a care here. Of course you can’t drive to your new job here in an old car can you?!

So all these folks need a place to live and that means us investors in residential real estate have a tremendous opportunity to help them out by providing rent housing. Let the good times roll!

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