An article in the Austin American Statement stated that Apple is keeping their promise by adding jobs, and thereby wealth, to our fair city.

In an agreement with the city Apple agreed to create 3,600 new jobs in Austin in exchange for tax incentives. Since 2012 Apple has kept good on its promise and has added 2,089 new jobs – that’s about 550 jobs yearly, a very nice pace indeed. These new jobs average $54K yearly which in our area is a nice wage and adds nicely to our booming local economy. In year ten the jobs will have an average wage around $74K and those figures will add even more to our economy. The article went on to quote Jon Hockenyos, a local economist, as saying that these are the kinds of jobs today that were the kind of jobs in the past such as manufacturing jobs that sustained families and built cities.
Since all workers need housing, how sweet it is to hold Austin area residential rentals to provide for the housing needs of our newly arriving employed citizens

Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 2 May 2016