According to Colliers International, a worldwide real estate services organization, Austin is leads the nation with 180 startup businesses. This tops Silicon Valley (my old stomping grounds). Austin’s technology job base has grown by almost 18% since 2011. And where are these high tech folks coming from? From the east and from the west – the far west, meaning California. Last week on a flight from Seattle to Austin I sat next toa man in his mid-20’s who informed me that he recently took a job as a software engineer with a Austin firm. I told him that I knew a lot about him since I own residential real estate property management company. He confirmed my profile of him when I said I know who he was: mid-20’s, working in a tech related field, renting, and enjoying live music. I also said that his type makes great renters and to leave is car in his home state!

This is why it is a great time to own Austin area residential real estate.