Guess what its growth! KVUE, a local TV station recently reported that Angelos Angelou, a local economic forecaster and a master of reading the local economic tea leaves, has predicted that this year will continue to see the growth that we saw in 2014. And what did we see in 2014?

Well 66,000 folks moved here. Why do they come you ask; because 39,000 jobs were created here. That equates to about 3,950 jobs a month or about 10 jobs a day. Wow! Austin in now the 16th largest city in the USA. We are larger that Washington DC or Seattle (so where is our professional football, basketball, and baseball teams?). Unfortunately our traffic is the 4th worst in the USA (no wonder will all the folks moving here). The city and state are making improve- ments for our traffic woes so I will give them credit for that.

It is a great time to own Austin area residential investment property – so enjoy it!