As reported in the Austin American Statesman those 44,500 jobs represents a 4, 7% increase.   What a year 2015 was for Austin.  It has been reported in several trade magazines and professional publications that 2016 will also be a good year for job growth in Austin, albeit not so robust.  What city can ever keep up the pace that Austin set last year?  Statewide unemployment was 4.5% vs. 4.6% in December, and that includes all of the jobs lost in the oil industry.  In comparison the Austin unemployment rate is 3.2% up from December’s 3%.  But then seasonal jobs abound in December and 3.2% is the envy of the nation.  The nationwide unemployment rate was 4.9% which is good news.

So if the nationwide unemployment rate is a good figure why is the stock market so bumpy?  For me, my Austin area rentals keep chugging along with strong rents and strong appreciation.  It’s never too late to add to your Austin area residential rentals or to start receiving the benefits of owning a rent property in our area.

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Rick Ebert / Austin, Texas / 7 March 16