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From the Austin Landmark property management blog, you can expect information, education, and a little inspiration. We’re here to walk through the business of managing rental real estate with you. We’re here to help you through every part of the process – from managing taxes to budgeting for maintenance to turning over units.

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Another Firm Relocates their Houston HQ to Austin

Today’s Austin American Statesman reported that is relocating their headquarters from Houston to Austin.  Frankly the headline puzzled me but then as I read on the move started to make sense.  The main reason, Austin is becoming a “top notch” tech town.  So,...

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Samsung Comes to Taylor, Texas!

This is HUGE even by Texas standards.  According to newscast and the Austin American Statesman, Taylor, Texas beat out Austin and locations in New York and Arizona for Samsung’s $17B chip manufacturing plant.  Taylor is about 35 miles northeast of Austin (city hall to...

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Austin Unemployment rate is 3.4%

A recent article in the Austin American Statesman had this headline but also added the fact that 18,000 new jobs were added in our area in October.  Now folks, 18,000 jobs (people) equates to a fair sized city!  These states, according to the article which quoted...

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Economists say Austin is Poised for a Boom!

According to a recent article in the Austin American Statesman, the Austin Chamber of Commerce recently hosted an economic forecasting event and there is good news for Austin area residential real estate.  They forecast that Austin, because of its diverse labor skill...

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Tesla Moving HQ From Palo Alto to Austin!

According to a recent article in the Austin American Statesman, Elon Musk is moving the Palo Alto, California headquarters to Austin, Texas.  No location has been named but Musk has about 2,000 acres in southeast Austin for his electric truck manufacturing plant, and...

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Austin Area Unemployment Rate 3.8%!

A recent article in the Austin American Statesman was touting (again) the robust local economy and the low unemployment rate in our area.  The article cited the Texas Workforce Commission unemployment statistic for August at 3.8%, down from 4.2% from July.  In April,...

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ALPS is an excellent property management organization. They work with property owners to promptly handle tenant issues and ensure that properties are maintained to provide owners the best return on their investment.


Austin Can Expect a Tech Boom for the Next Five Years

This title was the headline from a recent article in the Austin American Statesman.  It bodes well for us investors in our local real estate market as all of these companies moving or expanding here have high paid employees that to live somewhere. Many of them choose...

John Deere Development Facility Coming to Austin

This week the Austin American Statesman ran an article stating that the tractor company will establish a technology center in Austin.  One would think that such a facility would be located in Kansas and not Austin, but read on. Julian Sanchez, the company’s director...

California’s CellLink is Coming to Georgetown

As recently reported in the Austin American Statesman, CellLink, a firm that makes circuits used in electric vehicles (think Tesla that just started rolling out vehicles this year in Austin) is breaking ground for their $130M manufacturing plant in Georgetown. ...
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168 Reviews

Mar 21, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Michael
Very easy process!
Jan 27, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc The
I've been with ALPS for 5 years now. Always had a quick response and turnaround with any maintenance issues. I can't think of one complaint.
Jan 18, 2022
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Angel
They were very helpful from start to end. With me coming from another ciity 1hr away and trying to pack and work, they were exactly what we needed. Would STRONGLY RECOMMEND
Dec 20, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Alice
My experience here has been Great. My family and I have been here for 2 years, and had any problems with problem related issues.
Dec 17, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Peter
Wonderful service! Any problems that I've had have been address right away...thank you Marc Witmer!
Nov 30, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Karen
I have been renting since last may. I have nothing to complain about. I had one issue a couple of months ago. Was taken care of quickly. I just really hope my rent doesn't go up at the end of my lease.
Nov 24, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Cathy
I Have enjoyed renting through Austin landmark properties, The place I rented is in need of kitchen upgrades and a bathroom remodel , which i was aware of when i rented, so not a problem, however I was disappointed when they rasied my rent after the first year, because i thought it was already a bit high. I do not intend to renew my lease, so lets see how they treat me when i move out, thats the true sign of a good landlord.. i will update when the time comes. all in all, Marc is great , a very responsive and friendly guy. As of today, i have no problems giving them a recommendation for future renters.
Oct 21, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc The
Austin landmark property was able to adjust during the beginning of covid to help get me into a rental house. Not only has the rent been affordable, but they made great accommodations to please my needs. Anytime there’s an issue where something needs to be replaced or repaired, they make sure to do it in a Timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone!
Aug 17, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Sarah
ALPS was great to work with for move in. the application and move in was simply and the staff was responsive with questions and accommodations.
Jun 1, 2021
Google Austin Landmark Property Services, Inc Steven
They are lovely people but their contractors that I submitted a work order to fix my door did a lousy job lol. I ended up fixing the problem myself.

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