As reported in ReCon, a professional online magazine for real estate, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) has ranked Austin as the number one city in the USA for overall real estate prospects in 2020 – I can’t wait!  Last year Austin ranked sixth but got the number one spot because of its deep talent pool, ambitious commitment to business, and real estate expansion.  Survey respondents rated Austin as a solid “Buy” for commercial, industrial, and apartment real estate.  I would also add “residential rentals” because it naturally follows the other categories.  The ULI cited traffic and affordable housing as issues facing Austin’s future.  Traffic issues have some real solutions being tossed around and “affordability” is relative.  Many, if not most of our immigrants to our fair city come from the west coast or the New York area, so our housing prices for purchase and for rent are well below what they pay in those areas.  Rounding out the top ten:

  • No. 2 Raleigh-Durham, N.C.;
  • No. 3 Nashville, Tenn.;
  • No. 4 Charlotte, N.C.;
  • No. 5 Boston;
  • No. 7 Orlando, Fla.;
  • No. 8 Atlanta;
  • No. 9 Los Angeles;
  • No. 10 Seattle

Rick Ebert / 23 Sept 19 / Austin, Texas